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When to travel
to Lake Baikal

The real Baikal summer begins on June 15-16 (together with the beginning of regular passenger navigation) and usually lasts until mid-August. Summer days most of the time enjoy warm, sunny, clear and dry weather. A peculiarity of the areas surrounding Lake Baikal is a specific microclimate. Despite the fact that on these territories reigns sharply continental climate, a large amount of water and the local mountains play a kind of "thermal cushion". In summer it is cooler here than in more distant places from the lake, in winter on the contrary, it is warmer.
In June on Baikal is the time of the tourist season. The average temperature during this month is from +10 to +20°C. Accordingly you will need to take care about the appropriate clothing and shoes. Planning to go on vacation in June, think carefully about your closet. You will need both light and warm clothes, a jacket, a light windbreaker and waterproof hiking boots.

The night temperature at this time may be only a few degrees above zero, so camping with tents without proper preparation will be a bad idea. You should also take into account that June at the Baikal resorts is a rainy month.
July is the hottest month of the year. The air and the water in the lake get warm during this period. On Baikal beaches there are more and more tourists. The air temperature during the day - from +17 ° C to +26 ° C. At night - from +10°C to +15°C. It usually rains less in July. Water in the bays warms up to +17-20 ° C, on all Baikal beaches becomes more crowded. The peak of the high holiday season lasts from July 10-15 to August 10-15.

Lake Baikal is especially good in August. The lake is still warm and you can get a nice tan on its picturesque shores. Many tourists are already leaving at this time, it's much calmer to have a rest in Baikal resorts. Moreover, in August, the prices for lodging, tickets, excursions, equipment rental for active recreation decrease significantly. Daytime temperatures in Listvyanka are within +17-18 ° C. During the August nights the thermometer column falls to +8-12 ° C. This indicates that autumn is approaching. This is a sign that autumn is approaching, but it is still nice to have a rest.
The main principle of economy is to think over all the details of the trip to Baikal beforehand. This is especially true for the high summer season - the time when a very large number of tourists go to the lake. First of all you should think about the tickets. If you're flying by plane, subscribe to online bots, as well as special newsletters, which allow you to buy cheap (sometimes abnormally cheap) tickets. Specify in the mailing form your planned travel time, and keep an eye on the operators' offers. Remember that Baikal is a very popular tourist destination. 

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