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Lake Baikal

Few people know, but Baikal has a younger brother, Lake Khubsugul, which is a continuation of the rift fault but lies in Mongolia. Baikal is 636 kilometers long, 42 to 82 kilometers wide, with a water surface area of 32,000 square kilometers and a shoreline length of over 2,000 kilometers. The lake is surrounded by mountains on all sides.
The volume of fresh water is staggering: the lake contains 23,615 cubic kilometers of water, which is 23,216,000,000 cubic meters or 2.36 x 1017 liters.
Baikal has only one outlet, the Angara River, which is 1,779 km long. Through the Angara, 142.47 cubic kilometers flow out of Baikal per year. It is the second full-flowing river in Russia.

Unique water
Baikal water is soft, transparent, almost free of salts, it has a lot of oxygen. Some geologists believe that it is mostly artesian water. It contains unique bacteria and phytoplankton, which completely cleans the water of impurities, including decomposing methane and oil. In addition, due to its low temperature, the water also retains its unique properties. The absolute depth of Baikal is 1,642 meters. Curiously enough, literally right above the deepest place of the lake rises Mount Zhim, which the Buryats consider a sacred place.

The lake islands
There are 27 islands on Lake Baikal, but only one of them is large enough to accommodate tourists. This is the "Heart of Asia" - Olkhon Island, which recently tried to make attractive to tourists from Buddhist countries. It is an amazing place with lots of sand, no water sources, and little forest. There are no mosquitoes, ticks, poisonous snakes and predators. It never rains. But there is a lot of sacred places, ranging from the mountain Shamanka and ending with the northern tip of the island - Cape Haba. There is a unique flora: a lot of tiny but very bright colors. Special attraction of the island is the walking trees - relict pines and larches.
There are unique archeological monuments on the island, for example, Kurykan wall, which was built by the people, who inhabited the island before the Buryats.
Tourists know about Ushkanyi island where rookeries of Baikal seal are located, but tourists are not allowed there, only excursions by boat are possible. 

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